If Carlsberg Did Livejournal.... (narrowbandwidth) wrote in siren__song,
If Carlsberg Did Livejournal....

the metro are a rock. we roll, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. mostly slow.

the "rolling" i describe is the general pace of the band. sometimes, we write songs so quickly, and then completely nail them, and that's that done with. other times, it takes us an age to get a verse sounding the way we want it to. but it's worth it.

"...our thing is in our head. if we don't get it out, and hear it sounding the way we want it to, then no one ever will"

and that saddens me, because i believe we're really rather good. we write good songs, we all are fairly talented, and we put on a damn good performance for anyone who cares enough to watch.

be patient everyone. when we record, it'll be done right. it'll be perfect. it'll be excellent. and you'll love it. all of you.

thanks for sticking around.

we'll see you.
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