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on influences past and present

time was when we all had the same influences, musically, inspirationally, et cetera.

we made fart jokes and could laugh about them for a few hours at very least. we could quote the blink 182 live album start to finish. we were the only people in our science class who knew who fat mike was. we all though matt skiba was the epitome of cool.

i guess at least some things don't change.

despite all of this commeradery, we were a pretty sucky band, if truth be told.

and now, things have changed. we all listen to different things, just crossing over in a few areas, we all have developed our own ideas and beliefs, we all spend time with different people and we have grown out of being 15 well and truly.

and it shows. can you say 'a diverse range of musical influences enable the metro to create wonderful music'? i sure hope you can, because you'll need to phone it into q magazine before they describe us as nu-metal, a la their brand new review.

love you,
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