irrelevant (literatexcore) wrote in siren__song,

i felt i should come on here and update.
here goes:

- last friday we had our first practice with ashley, who is playing drums with us right now. he is learning the songs gradually but we're confident they'll be sounding really good soon. we'll see how it goes for the nex few weeks before we think about making him a permanent member.
- the past few weeks i had a sudden burst of creativity and wrote lyrics for about about seven or eight new songs. we're now beginning to write the music to go with them.
- i started getting stuff together for a website that will have info and show dates etc, once we're ready to get back into playing shows... that should be sometime in the next few months i hope. it's been a long break (ten months??!) and we're definitely looking forward to playing live again. in the meantime a teaser page is up ( the picture is one i took of luke, cool right?
- that's about it for now... luke, tim and i are going to see brand new w/ straylight run and moneen this saturday.. a bn show should get us motivated. last time we went to see them was the catalyst for us scrapping all the old september last songs and becoming the metro. nobody has ever quite forgiven us.

anyway, if anyone is going the the zodiac for that show, i'll see you there.
in any case, take care everyone.

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