If Carlsberg Did Livejournal.... (narrowbandwidth) wrote in siren__song,
If Carlsberg Did Livejournal....

the metro are your friends.

as you're here, this is how we do.

linz haynes ~ 16. rhythm guitar. vocals. songwriter. emo.
luke hall ~ 16. lead guitar. foot stomping. riff creator extraordinairé. cool.
tim joyce ~ 17. bass. back up vocals. harmonies. smooth talker. fool.

as of now, we are drummerless, but this situation should be changing in the next few weeks, hopefully with the addition of;

ashley hudson ~ 16. drums. other percussion. stylish. shy.

so, this is us. pleased to meet you.
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December 20 2003, 12:57:50 UTC 13 years ago

Is this the same ashley that didn't want to be in the band previously?

he's kinda coming around to the idea after he heard us play, and with his spending a grand on a new kit

signs are promising